Fall Prevention

Preventing falls is a high priority for all Graceful Homecare caregivers. Our caregivers can walk beside your loved ones to help correct any instances of loss of balance. Our caregivers can supervise your loved ones to help make sure they don't trip as they walk around the home. Our caregivers can be there to help prevent slips in the bathroom. Falls are one of the highest causes of injuries in older adults, which is a source of worry for many families. Graceful Homecare LLC understands that worry, and you can rest easy knowing that our caregivers will do their very best to prevent falls from happening. 

Please also consider looking at the "resources" page for equipment recommendations and home safety ideas that may further protect your loved one.

If there are other specific balance concerns, let us know during our care plan collaboration meeting! We will do our best to provide the care that your love one needs.